Sunday, April 13, 2008

What goes on in my head while I'm at the gallery

At the art gallery oftentimes I am left alone. Actually everyday at the gallery for half the day I am by myself, lonely and not doing my work. While I am watching the gallery I sometimes read, work on the website, watch an episode of The West Wing or part of a movie, practice my French or whatever else I need to do. But also while I am there things go through my head.  

I think about how I wish I could speak French better.  I think about different ways to improve the gallery.  I think about how poorly I can communicate with the people who generally come to the gallery because I don't speak French well.  I think about what I'm going to do after I leave the gallery and go home.  And I also worry.

I just worry about one thing, really.  And that is that someone will come to the gallery and steal a painting from one of the rooms while I'm here and somehow I won't notice them.  Either some small child or maybe even a klepto adult who had come to one of our openings and now got the urge to rip us off.  This isn't just some one off random thought that came through my head.  It's come through multiple times.  I actually even told the director of the gallery about it. She just laughed.  But this is serious, dang it!!  What happens if I fall asleep in the gallery after a late night talking to people on the internet?  I could lose my job that doesn't pay me because someone walked in and pulled a painting off the wall and then just walked off with a nice piece of art.  It could even be something someone already bought and is just being exhibited until the show is over.  

It would suck.  Really suck.  I'd be screwed.


Listening to:  The Alchemy Index by Thrice
Watching:  The West Wing and The Office
Reading:  A Generous Orthodoxy

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colleen said...

well thank you Jack. now I have one more think to worry about for the summer. GREAT! I can just add it to the list between getting hopelessly lost and saying something stupid in France.