Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The use of the word "evil"

A recent column on Al jazeera hammered both Obama, McCain, the Christian right and the U.S. in general on its misguided use of the word "evil."  

What's misguided about it?  

Neither of the candidates or most of the Bush Administration's rhetoric ever defines what specific "evil" we are battling. Or clarifies that this "evil" is only "evil" from our own perspective.  By calling something "evil," we are assuming that we ourselves are the "good." Why does it need be so black and white?  Are we incapable to think complexly about the conflicts we are engaged in throughout the world?

Not that there isn't evil in the world (poverty, hunger, and genocide are all good examples of evils that the world faces) but I think it's more important that the US moves beyond such a narrow and naive perspective that there is only "good" and "evil" in the world.

It's an interesting article and I think the author hits the issue right on.

Here's a link to it:  Evil in the US elections

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some ideas

So, I'm going to be applying soon for a few research/language study grants so that it is possible for me to return to Tunisia in the near future if I feel that's what I'm wanting to do (not making that decision until after I've been away for a little while). I'm looking at the Fulbright program as well as another program that gives you 2 years of full-ride language study in return for 2 years of governmental work (meaning a guaranteed full paid job) after you're done.

My choice would be the language study program because of the guaranteed job in a field I actually would want to work in. Not to mention, after the 2 years I could be pretty awesome at speaking/reading/writing in Arabic.  

But what I'm really doing with this blog is asking if anybody has any ideas for proposals for the Fulbright. What kind of studies on Arabic culture would be interesting, appeal to the people who choose which grants get accepted, and also what would I enjoy doing?

Something within films works as well since my degree is that anyways.

So help me with ideas.  Please!!


Recently watched:  Dexter Season 1 (currently watching 2...it's so good), Step Brothers, and eagerly awaiting to finally see The Dark Knight on IMAX when I'm in England
Listening to:  Norma Jean - The Anti-Mother, Rise Against, random live recordings of Thrice and Brand New
Reading:  Rise to Globalism by Stephen Ambrose and ? (not remembering his name right now)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I miss

Here's a list of some stuff I miss (in no particular order):

-xbox 360
-in n' out
-mexican and chinese food
-my Honda Fit
-Newcastle Brown Ale (any good beer really)
-movie theaters
-fast internet
-bookstores (with books in english)
-watching sports (specifically going to baseball games)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I like that guy who made that micro-soft stuff

Here's a link to a great article written by Bill Gates for TIME magazine on how capitalism needs to be more creative in not just making more money but also how making money can go hand in hand with fighting poverty, curing disease and helping the billions who live on less than $1 a day. After reading "Jesus for President" I've been thinking a lot about how we as America (or simply those spending large amounts of money on material things) can help those in need within the capitalist system and Gates makes some interesting suggestions on how capitalism can actually benefit the poor and why it's important for companies to lose money on certain products to help those in need.

Check it out here.


P.S.  The heat here in Tunisia is horrific and the humidity is even worse.