Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some ideas

So, I'm going to be applying soon for a few research/language study grants so that it is possible for me to return to Tunisia in the near future if I feel that's what I'm wanting to do (not making that decision until after I've been away for a little while). I'm looking at the Fulbright program as well as another program that gives you 2 years of full-ride language study in return for 2 years of governmental work (meaning a guaranteed full paid job) after you're done.

My choice would be the language study program because of the guaranteed job in a field I actually would want to work in. Not to mention, after the 2 years I could be pretty awesome at speaking/reading/writing in Arabic.  

But what I'm really doing with this blog is asking if anybody has any ideas for proposals for the Fulbright. What kind of studies on Arabic culture would be interesting, appeal to the people who choose which grants get accepted, and also what would I enjoy doing?

Something within films works as well since my degree is that anyways.

So help me with ideas.  Please!!


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Ann-Caryn Cleveland said...

Fulbright is looking for a unique perspective, something you can bring to the table that no one else can. You can only come from an American perspective, but what about your perspective on the Arabic documentary filmmakers voice? How does that differ from your sociocultural voice? (I have a friend in Kuwait that would be helpful with this idea.)

More important to the Fulbright is connecting with the host country, ie. knowing you have a place there and connecting with the grant operator. Send letters, email, get to know them. Good luck! Can't wait to see the amazing things you do!!!!