Friday, April 4, 2008

Movie Night Disappointment

So, tonight I tried to put on another movie night at the gallery.  We tried 2 weeks earlier and got an entire 2 people to show up that weren't Tunisian.  I had the movie picked out (Mission: Impossible III because people here love anything with action in it), got the popcorn and Annette and I even set up the place really cozy and everything.  But no one showed.  The few Americans who were supposed to show were either sick or cancelled.  Oh well, this kind of thing happening is quite common in this culture so we'll see how the next one goes.  

I'm pretty sure in the summer it'll be a hit because we are going to try and do it outside and have people bring blankets and pillows and do it more often as well.  But besides that we were able to get invitations done for the next show, which we have down to a science.  We also feel pretty good about the next show after getting the prices that the painters are wanting.  The stuff is very affordable.  

I start French on Monday...finally.  I can't wait to start.  My comprehension is functional but my speaking level is terrible.  So I'm starting at the beginning and my goal is to spend an hour at least every day.  That's about it for now.



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shannon mccloskey said...

jack. i'm posting a link to your blog..on my blog. i like what you write.