Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Things A Going On

Don't you just love it when things just seem to go every way you want them to? Isn't it great? Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all the time but when it does it makes you feel good about everything.  That's how today has been for me.

First, I started French this week and was pretty worried about it being too easy and everything but it's ended up being perfect.  And the timing of the classes for the rest of the summer works great for me so I'm excited to really dig in and hopefully be at intermediate level (God willing) by September so I can go into an even more intense level of learning.

Second, I've been a little concerned with my finances for the year.  Work for me here hasn't panned out as well or as quickly as I would have liked it.  I was hired at the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce but it takes forever for my student to get his paperwork done and then they haven't even sent me my paperwork so it's really annoying to say the least.  However, I have at least 10 hours of teaching guaranteed there but it's not that much.  But out of nowhere today a student who I was teaching over a month ago called me again to do more private lessons.  And then I was finally able to connect with the American school here to get set up to tutor elementary students and I'm being set up with a 4th grader to tutor math.  Amazing.  It's so awesome how God answers prayers almost instantly when you ask.  My roommate even bought me dinner tonight at this happenin' restaurant/nightclub in town which was surprising and a huge blessing.

Third, I made some awesome snickerdoodles tonight.  I burnt a few because the oven heats a bit unevenly but nothing too bad.  Super stoked about it.

Fourth, I've been dying to get my hands on the new Thrice album (part III and IV of the Alchemy Index).  So after getting home from the nightclub tonight I found a message from my brother on facebook with a link to a leaked copy of the album.  I feel a little bad downloading it but I'll buy it once I'm back in the states because I own all of their cds.  So, it just topped off the day and I just finished listening to it and I'll be honest...I got chills.  Absolutely awesome.  It really has blown my mind the range of music that they're able to write and at such high levels of quality.  

So I'm a really happy camper right now.  God is blessing me beyond my understanding right now.  

Be back soon.


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