Friday, July 11, 2008

A Solution to Iran

BBC News Washington D.C. correspondent Matt Frei gives a well-balanced and healthy perspective on how we should be dealing with the Iran problem.  

He writes:

"A few years ago North Korea launched its own plea for attention by test-firing the Taepodon missiles AND testing its first nukes.

After the initial shock and condemnation, America obliged Kim Jong Il by pressing on with the six-party talks and just last month President Bush hailed a deal with North Korea which involves them verifiably scrapping their nuclear programme and the US providing them with energy, food and access to international markets.

It was a rare diplomatic triumph for the Bush administration.

Why not try the same with Tehran?"

Read the rest of the article here.

I hope that more people at the State and Defense Departments take this stance and see Iran's reactions as a cry to begin talks with the EU and the US. Unfortunately, with the fossil fuel reserves that Iran has they are not in the same financial predicament that the Koreans were in so, it wouldn't be a cry for aid but instead a cry for not being shunned by the major powers of the world and countries starting to not buy their natural resources, which would eventually destroy their economy.

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