Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bashir's Charge of Genocide

Here is a quote from a BBC News article where they paraphrase a Sudanese Foreign minister speaking in regards to the War Crimes and Genocide claim made by the International Criminal Court:

"Allegations of genocide by the ICC's chief prosecutor were designed to generate hostility between tribal groups in Darfur, Mr Salaheddin said."

This statement from Sudan is ridiculous for multiple reasons:

First of all, the ICC's chief prosecutor is Luis Moreno-Ocampo. He's Argentinean. So why in the world would he be interested in creating more hostility between tribal groups? How would Argentina gain from creating conflict? How would any country gain except those that have interests specifically in Sudan (i.e. China)?  

Second, the first step towards any kind of change occurring in Sudan is when the leaders admit that they have a problem and that it's an atrocity what is going on in their country. Not to mention they are appealing to the Arab League and if the Arab League has any integrity they will put pressure on Sudan to admit its issues and accept the reality that its government has allowed genocide to take place. I find it quite strange that the country appeals to the Arab League despite the fact that only 39% of the country is Arab while 52% are Black Africans.  

Another thought is that Russia needs to get on board and actually make an attempt to do some good in the world instead of always nitpicking what the West and specifically America tries to accomplish. Yes, we make mistakes but at least we even try and do anything. Simply googling how much Russia gives in foreign aid only goes to articles about how much the U.S. has given to Russia, not how much Russia has given.

Change won't happen in Sudan until it's own country does something or at least admits its wrongdoing. But if you have any idea about an honor/shame mindset, specifically within an Arab context then their admitting wrong has nothing to do with whether they are right or wrong. It has to do with the fact that admitting guilt will bring shame to the leaders and then there will be no way for them to remove the shame because they only have themselves to blame.

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