Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Iran's Missile Test Response

In the news today you can read about how Iran tested a long range (2000km) ballistics missile that is capable of reaching Israel if the U.S. or Israel were to attack their nuclear enrichment sites. You can read the story at

The State Department called it "provocative." I call it scary.  Really, it's something that should make the Middle East incredibly nervous and the rest of the world as well.  

But the real question is whether we are headed for another war. Will the U.S. invade Iran if they are not willing to comply with U.N. or EU sanctions concerning the enrichment of Uranium? For one, if we do invade Iran we have to not be the lead on the invasion and that's not just because of our troop commitments in the rest of the area. It must be EU led. Israel cannot be the lead on the invasion either because that will have enormous ramification in the region and cause incredible damage to a future peace with Palestine (and the rest of the region for that matter). Thankfully, the EU has tried to take the lead for the world's actions towards Iran and imposing sanctions of their own.

The most worrying thing to me in this entire situation is the rhetoric that has been used by both Israel and Iran. Public statements that an invasion is "inevitable" (Israeli Minister of Transportation, who apparently is a possible candidate for PM if Olmert steps down due to the scandal. Now that's a scary thought.) or Iran's continual statements about the fact that Israel is an enemy (talk about a wonderfully diplomatic term) do not particularly turn the heat down on the situation.

So what do we do? We have to keep the EU in the lead on this and we should back up what they plan on doing. Give Israel a stern warning that attacking Iran alone will not be tolerated and will drastically hurt the West's relations with them. That probably won't happen but always backing Israel in everything they do is going to get us into World War III. And we definitely need to be negotiating with Iran's leaders just as Barack Hussein Obama has suggested and been openly mocked for even thinking about.

Let's hope these nations can start acting like real countries and try to be diplomatic in some manner.  HA!!


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