Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm moving to San Francisco

I don't know if anyone reads my blog who doesn't also see my facebook status updates but for those that are unaware, I will be moving to San Francisco this coming January upon my return from North Africa.

I will be working for my uncle and his partner at their antique/fine art gallery. My official position is known as "gallery manager," but I will be shadowing them in all parts of the business. I will manage the galleries, the website, learn about all aspects of antiques and fine art, go to antique fairs, and do whatever else they would like me to.

I'm excited. I'll be living in the city. I'll be going to Giants games. I'll be living the dream and saving money to hopefully attend graduate school in the near future.

Check out the website:

That's all.


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Watching: How I Met Your Mother - All Seasons
Reading: The Lovely Bones and The Irresistible Revolution


Kent said...

you and your frugality! Are you sure you aren't dutch? I know many moley families that would love to have you as a son!

Jack is "that guy" said...

frugality!! HA!! if only you knew how much my rent is in SF...or how much i'll be making.

JR said...

look no further for an apartment. I found the perfect place here:

SF House

It's the red and yellow one...alright just kidding but I have been looking around and there are some good places. So you are going to be rich with this new job, huh? Quite a contrast to your broke missionary life.

Jack is "that guy" said...

things will be so different.

i've found some cool places too. i just can't move until after my probationary period at work. it'll probably be in april or may when i will be ready to move. i still have to figure out what area i want to live in as well.

Amy J. said...

yay jack!! you're moving to SF! how ridiculous is it that i lived in LA for 20 yrs and have NEVER been to San Francisco?!?! i've been dying to go recently so now i will have a freind to visit! i will let you know when i finally decide to take a road trip up there and i'll let you take me to a pub... or something :-)