Friday, November 7, 2008

5 Reasons I voted for Obama

Top 5 Reasons I Voted for Obama

5. After reading his book, "The Audacity of Hope," I truly understand what Obama means by change. He didn't do a great job of explaining what exactly he meant when he always talked about "change" in his campaign, but in his book I got a better sense of where he comes from with his political agenda.

4. Voting for Obama was a vote for the healing of some of the deep and scarring race issues present within America. It wasn't good enough that he is African-American, but it happened that he also has a clear vision for the future of America and the reshaping of American politics. He will not just be an African-American president, but he will be a GOOD American president who also happens to be African-American.

3. His policies, of course. His ideas about energy, the environment, education, help for the middle and working classes and also his plans for healthcare are what America needs. They aren't perfect, but it's better than the Republican's plan. Again, many of these ideas were not as well presented in the campaign as they were in his book. Such is American politics, right?

2. America's standing in the world. I knew that electing Obama would heal many wounds with other countries but I had no idea how extensively the world would celebrate the election of Obama. I feel the gained respect when I walk around here in Tunisia just from the election. Quite amazing.

1. Sarah Palin was on the other ticket. McCain wasn't the problem except his support of big business, drilling for oil, and his unwillingness to budge on Iraq. It was his choice of VP and the fact that he could quite easily have a heart attack and fall over dead. And guess who takes over? You get the picture.


P.S. To anyone who brings up the abortion issue (The first thing Christians always point out to me like somehow I haven't read up on his voting record) and voting for Obama, you can message me and I can give a detailed explanation of my views on the issue and what we can do to lessen the number of abortions in the country. In short: The end of abortion will not come because Roe v. Wade is overturned through the election of a Republican "pro-life" candidate who appoints conservative Supreme Court Judges, but we need to work at first lessening the number of abortions by supporting the women who have unwanted pregnancies in the first place and giving them options other than aborting their baby (instead of always playing the "moral" card on them), which is not being done to the level it is needed.


Jenna.Moorea said...

I completely agree on your #1 reason for voting for Obama. I cannot believe Palin could've been the first women in power in the White House. What a disservice that would've done to all us intelligent & capable women with high political aspirations.

Kent said...

have you ever read anything by brian mclaren? just wondering...i REALLY want to read the new gladwell book. anywho we should skype soon, before or after you get home!

Matt K 'The Bear' said...

you forgot to mention because he's so sexy. you know he turns men around the world gay for a second.

Jack is "that guy" said...

Obama is the reason I'm moving to SF...not some really great job in the art world.