Sunday, June 15, 2008

Key Issues in the Election

Here are the most important issues to me in the Election:

-The Economy
-lessen national debt
-budget deficits - $500 billion is absolutely unacceptable
-trade deficit - we need to increase our exports somehow.  Don't really have an answer for this but we can't continue to be a service oriented economy.
-strength of the $ - this benefits the entire world
-no more tax cuts or refunds until we can balance the budget and start paying down the debt.  It's our fault as much as the governments that we have such a large debt because we are so against the idea of taxes actually staying the same but only desire tax cuts which in the long run hurt the country and lead to cuts in education, defense, infrastructure, services, etc.

-more pay for teachers
-more science and math in schools
-more P.E.
-less standardized testing
-smaller classrooms
-community development with regards to their involvement with the schools

-Foreign Policy
-quit being arrogant in our policies and attitude.  Everyone already knows we're the most powerful country in the world but they also know we're starting to lose that power.  In saying this we need to work with other countries whenever we look at invasions, sanctions or anything of that nature.
-increased willingness to sit down with foreign leaders from all nations without specific requirements to even talk
-push to either strengthen the U.N. or completely revamp it
-increased aid to Africa as well as considering sending troops in to stop genocide

-The War in Iraq
-Set a time frame for withdrawal, which will push the Iraqi military to work harder.  We still need to keep probably 50,000 troops there for at least the next 5 years.
-Help in developing strong infrastructure of schools, roads, services, etc.  This should continue even after we have left.

-Social Security
-privatization is probably the only way to alleviate this issue.  Government employees already have privatized accounts, so why can't the rest of the population?

-Health Care
-we need to start making our way towards universal care.  Start with insuring all children under 18.
-push pharmaceutical companies to produce more disease fighting drugs instead of sexual dysfunction drugs

-Increased fuel and emission standards
-More nuclear plants and help educate the public about the few fears regarding this type of energy
-Develop alternative fuels/energy and move away from a reliance on oil

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.


Anonymous said...

oh i thought you just wanted gay marriage legalized.

Jack is "that guy" said...

I'm usually for anything gay.

Anonymous said...

if these are the issues you care about in the could you possibly vote for a republican candidate?!?

Jack is "that guy" said...

I'm not planning on voting for a republican. i'm voting for obama. that might have been unclear because i said that if mcCain chose huckabee i might vote for them but really at the time of writing that blog i was still undecided because mccain isn't that bad of a guy, though his style of speaking and vocabulary concerning world events is too close to Bush's if you ask me.