Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bathroom Lock

So this week I officially became famous by appearing in some b-roll footage shot at the gallery. I simply act like I'm interestedly looking at the art while chatting to the artist. It's going to be on Tunisian television sometime soon. This was for the current exhibition that is being shown at Kenza, which in all honesty I don't like very much.  The art is not that great.  I could probably do it.

But the best thing about this whole TV thing happened before any footage was shot.  One of the bathrooms in the gallery is primarily used for the storage of our cleaning supplies, the watering can and cleaning up after painting.  For some reason, people have been using it lately and the hostess/interviewer for the show did as well.  There is an issue with the locking mechanism. Sometimes it's difficult to unlock the thing.  Well, this lady kind of got locked in there for a while. We thought she was just doing her makeup and it was taking a really long time. But no. She was stuck. Locked in the bathroom. 

We finally realized and just sat in the office laughing to ourselves while she pulled continuously on the door trying to get the lock to unlock itself. She started to get frustrated and the cameraman came to look for her and busted up laughing at the fact that she was stuck. Unfortunately, she was eventually able to get free and she handled it in stride. 

Suffice to say, I haven't fixed the lock yet.

Oh and I've been gardening a lot lately. It's been awesome.


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