Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1600km (993 miles)

My bro and I went on a 3 day whirlwind trip of Tunisia.  We drove a ton.  That's really what we did all 3 days.  We drove.  And drove.  We also did some of the following:

-went to the 3rd largest standing Roman coliseum, El Jem.  Scott stated that he hopes that they bring back gladiator fights for real because he wants to see one get killed.
-we stayed in a cockroach infested hotel room in the coastal town of Gabes.  I'll not be returning there anytime soon.
-drove a manual the whole time and did not get in an accident with any Tunisian psycho drivers, pedestrians or God-forsaken scooter drivers.  Scott drove too and managed to keep us alive.
-we went to multiple Star Wars filming locations.  The Lars Homestead, the Tuskan Raider canyons and the slave quarters from Phantom Menace.  Yes...I'm a geek.
-we definitely drove places that put us in a position where we totally could have been kidnapped and stolen.
-we did an overnight camel trek into the Sahara desert and spent the night under the AMAZING stars.  I saw 3 or 4 shooting stars.
-we used the line "Look at these assholes" from The Darjeeling Limited at least 100 times during the trip to describe any weird group of people we saw.

That's about all.  It was great trip except that I came back sick and had to work the next morning.

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the CoR said...

That movie f**king (to be read the way emily says it with her automatic censor) sucked.... but good use of quotage anyway.

You so would on all the Star Wars destinations. ;o)